.​.​.​A Goon's Best Friend

by 2Minute Minor

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We're not preaching Straight Edge, Healthy Living, PMA or Spirituality at you. Not everyone in the band takes the same stance on everything. We embrace those differences. This is not a album with an agenda. These are simply stories and methods that we've found that personally work for us. Please seek to better yourself on your own personal path. This album is simply about Our passions. Make your own. We do this because it's all we know. So many things separate us in life.... Religion, Politics, Sex, Money, Education, Race, Social Status, Social Media and Age. Let's rise above all of it. Unity. - 2Minute Minor


released June 12, 2017

Wiley Willis: Shouts
Bob Shields: Guitar
Virgil Lloyd: Guitar
Noam Ostrander: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

Additional Gang Vocals:
Jesse Hawley, Darren Davick, Sid Duffour,
Jason Giles, Michael Perlmütter, Marko Karacic

Front cover art: Jonas Goonface
Front cover photo: Thomas Wray
Back cover photo: Laiza Goytia
Live photo: KB Imaging

Recorded in January-April 2017
@ Potomac Studios in Chicago, IL
Recorded & Mixed: Zach Bridier
Mastered: Sef Idle of Simpul Studio

Special thanks to Bryan Gray for letting us use his studio and gear & Jesse Hawley for backup vocals on Unwritten War.

Produced by 2Minute Minor


all rights reserved



2Minute Minor Chicago, Illinois

2Minute Minor is a Oldschool Style American Hardcore Punk Band heavily influenced by 80s Hardcore and the Working Class Oi! sound.
Mixing in a message of Positivity & Unity.
We are advocates for Human Rights.
Formed in Chicago IL.

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Track Name: Change My Life
I've decided to change
Change my life!!!
Being positive is what I like!
Everyday monotony
Is pulling us down, so far down!

This is my voice!
I've got things to say...
My brain is clear!
Being edge everyday!

Fear no longer holding me down
I took a stand, feet on the ground
I won't neglect my mind
I won't lose any more time
Track Name: Follow Your Own Path
I choose to be edge
Because it betters my heart
I choose to seek God
Because it betters my soul
I choose PMA
Because it betters my mind
Just a collection of thoughts
Along the way it's just a start!

Follow your own path!

I got your back,
Even when I've broken mine
I'll pick you up
Each and every time

One footstep into the grave
We buried our loved ones
Haunted by our memories
No! Not this time!
Track Name: Prime
Where do we go from here?
Positivity is the way
Where do we go now?
PMA all our days

You turned me inside, inside out!
Exposing my insides, insides raw!
I'm turned all, I'm turned all around!
Lost my direction after all!

Out come the claws
And fangs for this brawl
You have an invite to rage with us all
No judgment on our watch
Just be true to yourself
Be true to yourself!

Heartache, heartbreak
This chapter is over now
I'm left behind
A shell of a man, left for dead
A shell of a man, left behind

But I'm in my prime!
Track Name: Unwritten War
Don't lose hope in mankind
Stand strong! Unite! Unite!
A heart can be changed just like a mind
Stand strong! Unite! Unite!

We all have thought differently in the past
We might change our minds in the future at last
The past defines the future after all...
The future is unwritten, it's up against the wall

Unite! Unite! Unite!

My war is not with my brethren
My war is not with you it's not of this world
My war's inside my head! My war's inside my head!
My war's inside my head! My demons have fled...
Track Name: Stand Firm
We're not afraid to die...
It's living that frightens us!
We're not afraid to die...
It's dreaming that frightens us!
We're not afraid to die...
It's believing that terrifies us!
XXX 'til I die!
Until I die!

Addiction free not bound by those chains
I was your ghost, bright lights
Hold your ground, never call it quits!!!
I won't be chemical modified me...
No I won't be!!!

Hold your ground!!
Stand firm!!!
Track Name: We've Had Enough
Burn the bridges no turning back
Society's torn apart promises under attack
Days turning old shades of grey
Raped dreams are on display

Dust to dust in this world we trust
We've had enough now!
Stand tough!

From dust to dust in a world torn from exhaustion
Burden state of mind ignore caution
"In God We Trust" is just a phrase in a memory
Sound the sirens it's too late to turn back

Exploited surfaces are cracking at the seams
One more push to complete this American Dream
Track Name: We Will Prosper
Let us learn from our mistakes
Let us grow this time around
For these thorns have choked out the growth
We won't plant our lives on rocky ground
We'll stand together
With hardcore as our sound

We'll prosper, we will be free

Create a positive mindset
Fulfill your spirit and renew your heart
Or we're all walking to our own graves
It's our funerals, it’s just the start
Let's take it back to the start
Let's take it back to the very start
Track Name: Goon Crew
Through the push and the shove
I give my respect to you
Lace up your Doc Marten boots
And hit the Chicago streets
Be out of step - embrace the black sheep
Don't follow the herd...
Follow your heart and mind - be heard!

Brothers and sisters,
Stay strong for your family
Brothers and sisters,
Stay old-school, embrace the new
Brothers and sisters,
Stay true for you
This is the Goon Crew

Repping the positive side of hardcore
Giving respect and gratitude for those
Who paved the way before us
Pass the torch to the youth
Keeping the passion alive!
Keep that fire burning all the time!

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