Blood On Our Front Stoop

by 2Minute Minor

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This goes out to the positive youth! The working class skinhead crew! The ones that seek the truth & keep the faith! The old schoolers united! You cut me to the bone Why won't you just leave it alone? The sins of the father are passed onto the son Chorus: Death isn't a prison sentence We can't be defeated! Life isn't a prison sentence We shall be free! You can jail revolutionaries But you can't jail a revolution You can't hold down the underground It won't be held down Positive Youth, Punks & Skins unite! Positive Youth, Punks & Skins We must stand up for what is right! Salt in the wound the time has come The sins of the father are passed onto the son Chorus WE WILL BELIEVE! WE SHALL BE FREE!
...And this is where it begins!!! An epidemic swallows our streets Crime runs rampant, self defeat Self destruct form the outside in Where did the division begin? It's a shame! What a shame! What a compromise An epidemic swallows our lives! It's disease! It's disease! Poverty builds up the thieves It's disease! It's disease! Working class pleads for peace We must stick together Division leads us blind This country is ours to unite! Love for your family Trust for your neighbor PMA for your brothers & sisters!
Soda Tax 00:22
I don't want a beer or a soda pop... Pass me a LaCroix it's all I want! I don't want a coffee or a sugary drink... Pass me a LaCroix that's how I think! I don't want red bull or a fruit punch... Pass me a LaCroix I love it so much!
Sacred life, sacred liver, sacred lung Sacred life, sacred heart surgery These tracks lead to your veins The mirror haunts you fierce A shell of once remains Chorus: What the hell have we done? What on earth shall become? Junkies, junkies on the loose Can you tell me what's the use? The hard life has caught up to you I long for a spirit clean & true Spill the blood, now wait for the flood What the hell have we all gone & done? Chorus
911 it's an emergency call Where the cops at? Is it their job to stall? It's hot & muggy on these Chicago streets Been an hour since I called the police Chorus: We've got blood on our front stoop What are we to do? We've got blood on our front stoop The violence is terribly true We've got blood on our front stoop Where are the boys in blue? We've got blood on our front stoop Blood on our front stoop Gangbangers shooting up the neighborhood Outside of my house is all this blood Called the police and don't even know why They turn an eye to the actual crime! Chorus CPD, keep it violent free Bad cop! Crooked cop! CPD, corruption is what I see When will it stop? 2x
I wake up every morning and I'm a Skinhead! I go to bed at night and I'm a Skinhead! I do two things greatly, That's smash racism & erase hatred! If you're not about that life you can't sit with us! & if you call yourself a Skinhead, & represent anything other than unity, Regardless of creed or color, Then you can't sit with us! You ain't about that life, & you need to take that mask off & stop calling yourself a Skinhead! STRAIGHT UP!
Tried & True 01:42
Spirit of 69 few Hardcore lives it's true Labeled a subculture of racism and hate The media fed you a line and you took the bait Chorus: Skinhead! Skinhead! Let's take it back! Bonehead! Bonehead! It's brains they lack! Racism's a plague caused by hate Only God should determine our fate Oi! Oi! Oi! Crucified Skins I tip my hat to you Beaten, tattered black & blue You shave your head and wear Doc Martin boots Does not mean you're an ignorant Neo-Nazi tool Chorus You raise your pint, I'll raise my first I quit drinking, but I still get pissed Injustice still grinds my gears The media plays off our fears Oi! Oi! Is what we shout! To the S.H.A.R.P. Crew this song's about Oi! Oi! Is what we shout! To the Goon Crew this song's about Oi!
We're killing ourselves We're underselling ourselves We sip that poison one sip at time We inject this poison into our veins We fill our lungs with poisonous smoke Chorus: We're taking back our lives today! We're claiming back our lives in this way! One step, one step at a time One step, you know that it's mine I have to face my fears head on I have to face myself in the mirror all along All these demons inside of my head I can't break down this body on loan Chorus This is for my family! This is for my crew! Brothers & sisters! This goes out to you! WE'RE TAKING BACK OUR LIVES! Chorus
Probert 00:32
I wish Bob Probert was still alive So we could punch Nazis side by side Proud boys stealing our Fred Perry shirts The enforcer & I would punch them till it hurts Knocking out the KKK Number 24 is the hero of the day 2x Bruise Brothers smash racism in the face The Goon to put fascism in its place
Tent City 01:06
Tent City in our city We woke up from the American Dream Reality sets in and it's just another scheme Tent City in our city Big business owns our every thought Everything's for sale when it can be bought Tent City in our city This is our home, this is our spot Our city, Tent City This is our home, it's all we got! It's all we got! Homelessness is not a crime The Uptown mayor can't spare a dime He sits in his office like a greedy fat cat Treating the poor like Chicago street rats Our city, Tent City This is our home, this is our spot Tent City in our city This is our home, it's all we got! Food Not Bombs keeps getting shut down Free food shouldn't be banned in Uptown The eviction notice came today Replacing homes with bike lanes Tent City in our city Bring it back! It's all we got!
Keep the hardcore & punk scene alive Practice unity & watch us all thrive Black, yellow, brown & white Join together for an unforgettable sight Chorus: UNITE THE CREW! UNITE THE CREW! I'm not better than you! UNITE THE CREW! UNITE THE CREW! Respect through & through! UNITE THE CREW! UNITE THE CREW! Embrace the differences is how we do! UNITE THE CREW! UNITE THE CREW! Positivity in oldschool! El racismo no tiene lugar en nuestra escena Música de unión para que el mundo sea libre Nunca no haremos daño y haremos de este un mundo mejor Racism's not allowed in our scene Unity music for the world to be free We won't tear each other down We're building up humanity Chorus Sexism is a cancerous trait Homophobia is nothing but hate Empowerment message is what we preach Our brothers and sisters is who we teach Unite The Crew! 3x I'm not better than you! Unite The Crew! 3x Respect through & through! Unite The Crew! 3x Embrace the differences! Unite The Crew! 2x Positivity in oldschool!
Outro 00:11


Welcome to our 2nd album "Blood On Our Front Stoop."

This album is about Human Rights. It's about unification in the scene. It's about sparking a positive mindset and embracing our differences as humans sharing this earth. It's not politically charged in the sense of a two party monopolized system.

We won't be bullied into picking a side. We believe that big business politics, political parties, and agendas are all corrupt and have witnessed it first hand. (May God truly and sincerely have mercy on all our shortcomings.)

As a band we believe that everyone should have a voice, shelter, and food. Being Homeless and feeding the Homeless should not be a crime. We try and tackle serious issues in our Community of Chicago and beyond. We stand against hatred. We believe in a Scene where Homophobia, Sexism, Classism, and Racism are not acceptable. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

Unity. -2Minute Minor


released May 11, 2018

Goon Crew:
Wiley Willis: Shouts
Bob Shields: Guitar
Virgil Lloyd: Guitar
Michael Perlmütter: Guitar
Noam Ostrander: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

Guest Vocals on "Unite The Crew":
Fernando Brenner (XDeclineX)
Ruben Garza (Through N Through)
Charity Taylor (formally of Anti-World System)

Additional Gang Vocals:
Jesse Hawley, Chris Smith, Darren Davick, Fernando Brenner, Charity Taylor

Additional Gang Vocals on "It's A Disease":
Kurt Lynett & Sid Duffour

"Words To The Wise" by: Big Juan (FCS)
Outro to "Probert": Tobin Bawinkel (Flatfoot 56)
Outro phone call: Rosina “Roz” Paige

Recorded by: Jeff Hostetler in Kalamazoo, MI
on February 2018
Mixed by: Zach Bridier
Mastered by: Sef Idle at Simpul Studio
Gang Vocals recorded at Bellyacres

Front & Back Cover Artwork by: Jonas Goonface
Layout & Design by: Wiley Willis & Zach Bridier

Huge shoutout to the Chicago Punk,
Oi!, and Hardcore scene

Very special thank you to Sicci Raza for added
financial backing & trusting that God will provide.


all rights reserved



2Minute Minor Chicago, Illinois

2Minute Minor is a Oldschool Style American Hardcore Punk Band heavily influenced by 80s Hardcore and the Working Class Oi! sound.
Mixing in a message of Positivity & Unity.
We are advocates for Human Rights.
Formed in Chicago IL.

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